Sheep Code of PracticeThe Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep was released in 2013. The sheep Code’s 5-year review was delayed but completed in 2020.  The outcome of the review can be found here.

There are various ways to view the Code:

There are a limited number of hard copies of this Code. NFACC encourages use of the electronic version and does not store hard copies. If hard copies are required, please contact the Canadian Sheep Federation.

Other resources:

Table of Contents

Section 1 Environmental Conditions
Section 2 Facilities
Section 3 Feed and Water
Section 4 Health Management
Section 5 Husbandry Practices
Section 6 Transportation
Section 7 Euthanasia
Appendix A- Livestock Safety Index Chart
Appendix B- Body Condition Scoring
Appendix C- Accessing Veterinary Services
Appendix D
- Individual Examination and First Aid
Appendix E
- Understanding Sheep Behaviour
Appendix F
- Tail Docking
Appendix G
- Lambing and Neonatal Care
Appendix H
- Guidelines for Dealing with Compromised Sheep
Appendix I
- Livestock Transport Consignment Form
Appendix J- Signs of Pain in Sheep
Appendix K- Example of Decision Tree for Euthanasia
Appendix L- Euthanasia
Appendix M- Participants
Appendix N- Summary of Code Requirements

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